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  • 7. Add Sound Effects to Audio Files

7. Add Sound Effects to Audio Files

Selected Region

All of the effects below apply only to the selected region. To mark the selected region you can either click and hold down on the wave window and drag the mouse or press and hold down the shift key while moving in the file. To select the entire file press Ctrl+A. If you do not have any region selected when accessing an effect, the entire waveform will be selected as default.


Some effects come with a series of options as "Presets" to save you fiddling around with the numbers when they don't mean a lot to you. You can just browse the preset list and select the option which best describes the effect you are trying to achieve.

Super Audio Editor provides the effects below:
Amplify, Normalize, High-Pass Filter, Equalizer, Echo, Reverb, Reverse, Flanger, Chorus, Fade In/Fade Out/Fade Out and Trim, Envelope, Speed/Pitch Change, Dynamic Range Compressor, etc.

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