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  • 3. Create, Open, Edit and Save Audio Files

3. Create, Open, Edit and Save Audio Files

Create a new file

To create a new file press Ctrl+N, When creating a new file Super Audio Editor will normally prompt you to select the sample rate and channels. You can disable the prompt and set the default rate using Options

Open an existing file

To open an existing file press Ctrl+O, browse to locate the file you want to open and click Open
You can also load audio tracks from the CDs by select File - Load Audio CD Track(s) to select the track.

Edit Audio Files

To edit the audio files with basic functions, click Edit and choose the process you want:
Undo/Redo, Cut (Ctrl+X), Copy (Ctrl+C), Paste (Ctrl+V), Paste Mix, Delete (Del), Select All (Ctrl+A), Select To Start (Shift+Home), Select To End (Shift+End), Select Specified Time (Ctrl+G), Mix File, Repeat Loop, Trim (Ctrl+T), Trim Start, Trim End, Split into two at this point, Silence Select Region, Sace Selected Region As, Insert Silence, Insert File and Copy To New.

Save an audio file

To save the current audio file with the current name press Ctrl+N
To save the file with a different name or in a different format use the menu File - Save As

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